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2022 Trip Guide

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2022 Trip Guide

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Explore Hailstorm Creek nature reserve with the assistance of an experienced canoe trip guide. You will experience some of the best wildlife Algonquin Park has to offer, and with the knowledge of one of our experienced guides, learn more about Algonquin Park's wildlife and rich history. This unique experience allows day-trippers to explore scenic Hailstorm Creek without having to worry about paddling on the big lake.
Our water taxi transports people and canoes (or kayaks) safely from our Opeongo store to the heart of Algonquin Park in just 20 minutes. You'll spend rest of the time exploring the Hailstorm Creek Nature Reserve, enjoying the excellent wildlife viewing and unique scenery. Don't forget to bring along your camera or video camera and capture the moment as you round the bend and, for possibly the first time, see a moose, beaver, heron or loon in its natural habitat. The water taxi will return to pick you up at a prearranged time. Don't miss out on this premium guided day trip ,the paddling is not strenuous, navigation is easy and this experience can be enjoyed by beginner and expert paddlers alike.
Starting at
$160 CAD
Per Person

Trip Highlights

  • Guided Day Trip
  • Highspeed Water Taxi shuttle across Lake Opeongo (20 minutes)
  • Swift Canoes or recreational kayaks
  • Great oportunity to see Algonquin Wildlife like Turtles, Loons and Moose

Quick Facts


  • Canoeing


  • Canoe Tripping


  • Paddling Trip


  • Rivers and Streams (no whitewater)


  • North America


  • 4-8 Hours


  • Yes


  • Fully

Special Interest

  • Wildlife Viewing

Adventure Level

Easier Challenging


45.6356°, -78.3603°

Meeting Place

Algonquin Outfitters on Lake Opeongo

Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario

After arriving at our Lake Opeogo store you will be shuttled across Lake Opeongo to Hailstorm Creek where one of our guides will accompany you as you paddle the creek looking for wildlife.

Day 1:

Algonquin Outfitters understands that not everyone is ready (or simply doesn’t have the time) to go on a multi-day interior canoe trip. If your time in Algonquin Park is limited, Algonquin Outfitters offers a variety of day trips, starting from Oxtongue Lake or Lake Opeongo.

Dates & Packages

Guided Hailstorm Creek Wildlife Viewing Day Trip

May 1 - Oct 15
Day Trip Packages

Rates are per person, including guide fees. Tax is extra.

2 People $159.98
3 People $139.98
4 People $129.98
5 People $119.98
6 People $109.98
7+ People 99.98
A stable canoe, paddles, safety equipment, life jackets, water taxi transportation to and from Hailstorm Creek, and the services of one of our experienced guides.

What Guests Are Saying

Canoeing in the far reaches of Opeongo Lake is something to experience. We saw beaver lodges, turtles and bullfrogs but no moose this time. Lots of bird life. Our guide, Emily, was a pleasure; very knowledgeable and friendly.

- Seasoned_traveller41
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