The Snake is a pristine tributary of the Yukon's Peel River watershed flowing due north along the Northwest Territories border on the Continental Divide. This classic northern river boasts abundant wildlife, alpine hiking, magnificent scenery and miles of challenging, runnable rapids ideal for intermediate or advanced canoeists.
North of the tree line we come close to the Arctic Circle where there is a blend of barren tundra and sparse tree cover. We take a spectacular flight to Duo Lakes deep in the Mackenzie Mountains. The one-mile hike to the Snake River proper is over an open valley trail. In its upper reaches, the Snake is comprised of a braided fan of small channels which make for tight corners and quick decisions! At Reptile Creek, the volume doubles and the Snake begins a fabulous determined decent through towering mountain terrain and a velvet-green river valley. Painted Mountain creates a beautiful backdrop to this campsite at Reptile Creek and we often schedule a day-hike into the alpine. At the mid-point, a short canyon demands a respectful approach and sometimes requires a short portage on river left. Campsites on the Snake are on open gravel bars with awesome views and free of bugs.
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  • Canoeing


  • Whitewater


  • Custom Trip


  • Whitewater Class II
  • Whitewater Class III


  • North America


  • 13 Days


  • Wilderness Camping


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  • Intermediate

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