Mikata Goko

Creating a space where diversity and happiness prosper.


Mikata Five Lakes is the collective name for Lake Mikata, Suigetsu, Suga, Kugushi and Hiruga, in Wakasa, Japan. From seeing the cherry blossoms bloom from the water, to drinking tea on a secluded beach to going on a glowing night kayaking tour, paddlers will enjoy many unique experiences in the area. With 150 lodging facilities in the area Mikatat Five Lakes area you will be well taken care of as you explore this beautiful destination.

Trip Highlights

  • Cherry blossom tours
  • Tea on the beach
  • Bioluminescent kayak tour
  • Omakase camping experience
  • Work & play in nature

Mikata Goko

Creating a space where diversity and happiness prosper.

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  • Kayaking


  • Recreation
  • Kayak Day Touring
  • Lakewater Canoeing
  • Drifting


  • Paddling Trip


  • Big Lakes


  • Asia


  • Lodge or Resort-Based
  • Base Camp


  • No

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The five lakes, also known as pentachromatic lakes have different depths and salinities, and are home to a variety of fish, from saltwater fish to freshwater fish, and are also valuable habitats for water birds. In February 2019, traditional fishing methods corresponding to the characteristics of each of the five lakes, such as the "trawl net fishing" of Mikata Lake, were recognized as Japan's agricultural heritage for the first time in the prefecture. Furthermore, in May 2019, the superb view of Mikata Five Lakes, which can be seen while entering the "Heavenly Footbath" at Rainbow Line Mountain Peak Park, was awarded with the "Cool Japan Award 2019".

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