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Our Haida Gwaii kayaking tours explore Gwaii Haanas National Park and offer both a remarkable environment and rich cultural heritage. The Islands of Haida Gwaii are referred to as Canada’s Galapagos because of their unique ecology. You will stay at beach camps where generations of Haida paddlers have landed their magnificent cedar canoes and where the rainforest floors are covered with a thick carpet of moss.
We run our Haida Gwaii kayak tours in the remote southern portion of Gwaii Haanas National Park. The trips are timed for the best weather and structured as a journey between what we feel are the two most compelling features of the Park, the tapestry of brightly-colored sea stars at Burnaby Narrows, the highest density of intertidal life on the planet, and the standing totem poles at the SGang Gwaay village (Ninstints), a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sea kayaking routes on the west coast of Canada are some of the best in the world, and experienced paddlers regard Haida Gwaii, formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands, as the best of the best. You’ll travel the Islands in style using the best equipment available. Each day, your guides will surprise and delight you with freshly prepared meals that reflect Tofino Expeditions’ reputation for high-quality trip food and campfire cuisine.
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Trip Highlights

  • An Ecological Gem - Canada's Galapagos
  • A Wilderness Kayak Journey
  • Northwest Coast Wildlife
  • An Internationally Recognized Destination

Tofino Expeditions

Celebrating 35 Years of Award Winning Sea Kayaking Tours

Quick Facts


  • Kayaking


  • Sea Kayaking & Touring


  • Paddling Trip


  • Coastal


  • North America


  • 8 days Days


  • Wilderness Camping


  • Yes


  • Fully

Special Interest

  • Photography
  • Wildlife Viewing

Adventure Level

Easier Challenging


Meeting Place

Check in with Moresby Explorers

Sandspit, BC, British Columbia

This active adventure is focused on exploring and interpreting the many aspects: biological, archeological, and cultural, of this very special place. Kayaking Gwaii Haanas provides a unique perspective on this fascinating landscape. Each trip is crafted to ensure an unparalleled experience.

Day 1:

Travel by inflatable from Cumshuwa Inlet along the coast of Moresby Island to the Swan Islands in Skincuttle Inlet. After setting into camp, there will be a sea kayaking orientation and an exploration of Swan Bay.

Day 2:

After breakfast we start our Haida Gwaii kayaking trip and set course for Burnaby Strait and Dolomite Narrows. The dramatic profile of Yatza Mountain dominates the skyline as we round the southern tip of Burnaby Island.

Dates & Packages

Haida Gwaii Sea Kayaking Trips

Professional guides, transportation in and out of Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, expedition kayaks, tents, PFD's, and safety equipment, including satellite phone, all camp meals provided by Tofino Expeditions staff, group camping equipment, comprehensive on-trip resource library, group first aid kit

What Guests Are Saying

A note to say “thank you” for an outstanding trip. Jess and Peter were the greatest: professional, fun, safety conscious, caring, and hard workers! All the new equipment was a treat. The food was fantastic. Moresby is another great company with superb drivers. It was worth the 3 years wait to enjoy such an outstanding trip

- Diane B, ID
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