The Best of Portugal Is Here!

7 Rivers Expeditions is a memorable childhood project, with unique memories, lived directly in contact with nature. From this experience and knowledge of an unique Portugal, seen by the water ways, was born 7 Rivers Expeditions. Why 7 Rivers? 7 is our SPIRITUAL number. Therefore, we`ve decided to choose the most beautiful 7 rivers to paddle. Our mission is to create a feeling of gratitude for the landscapes and unique moments along the valleys of 7 different rivers in Portugal. We encourage you to come with us to explore and visit Portugal. Welcome to 7 Rivers Expeditions! 7 Rivers Expeditions is a registered company - Portuguese Tourism Board with the number RNAAT 338

Paddle with 7 Rivers Expeditions through the Douro valley was an unique experience. The team is very friendly, with a deep concern about the mother nature and always aware about our well-being. The landscape, gastronomy and Portuguese culture are outstanding. We are looking forward to the next expedition! Thank you!!

- Hanna Margarete

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